UBike Tours: Taiwan

  • 2–4 Players

  • 30–45 Min

  • Age: 8+

  • Weight: 2/5


UBike Tour: Taiwan is a light-hearted card game for 2-4 players to plan their travel in North Taiwan with the convenient public bike system: UBike. It's a delightful mixture of "push your luck" and "tableau building" mechanisms in which you also get to visit some beautiful scenery spots in Taiwan.

In this game, players take turns to either:

  1. Reveal two cards from the deck and place them one by one into one of the 5 rows according the the ascending card value;

  2. Choose one of the remaining rows and take all the cards in hand, and play at most one card into their personal journey with the help of their bike cards.

Once someone has completed their journey of nine cards, the game will end and players will score points based on the achievement in their journey. Find the right timing to collect the cards you want is the key to become the travel master!