Motley West

  • 3–6 Players

  • 10–15 Min

  • Age: 7+

  • Weight: 1/5


Welcome to Motley West, fellas! I’m the sheriff, but gosh, I think I’m getting old for this job. I need a deputy to help me fetch the desperados. You need to be quick and good, and ready to face many a trigger-happy bandit. Only the best of you will replace me as a new sheriff.

Motley West is a speed action and short-term memory game with a mix of two shapes and three colors. The deck includes two types of cards:

• Bounty cards: Showing Cowboy hat with certain color or Scarf with certain color.

• Outlaw cards: Every outlaw wears cowboy hat and scarf. Some of them have shotgun.

  1. Shuffle all cards and distribute evenly to all players. All players hold their deck face down in front of them. Distribute 3 life tokens to everybody.

  2. Place the Sheriff badge on the middle of the table.

  3. Each player reveals their card and hide the revealed card with their hand turn by turn.

  4. When a player thinks there are Bounty card and Corresponding Outlaw card among the top of each player's revealed card, hit the Sheriff badge. If they find the right 2 persons who have the matching cards, take those 2 cards as points.

  5. Some outlaws have a gun, and catching them won’t be that easy. You cannot arrest an armed Outlaw even if their hat or scarf matches the Bounty Card. To arrest an armed Outlaw, you need to find the Bounty Card that displays a gun. If, by mistake, you point to a normal Bounty Card and an armed Outlaw, then you discard one Fame Token.

Once all players have played all of their cards, the game is over.

Tally your points as follows:

Bounty Cards (2 points for a 2,000$ reward ; 3 points for a 3,000$ reward ; etc.)

Outlaw Cards (1 point each)

Fame Tokens (2 points each)

The player with the most points wins and becomes the new Sheriff in town.