Our Publisher Partners

We are The Wood Games. We are quite new in board game industry but we are experienced with board game related affairs due to the experienced executor, Citie Lo.

We are from Taiwan and we are trying to bring beautiful and fun games to players. Some of our games have amazingly beautiful artwork from Taiwanese illustrators. We hope to introduce extraordinary game designers and illustrators from Taiwan to the world. It's one of our goals. But also we want to introduce good games from around the world to our players.

Some of The Wood Games inhouse design are: Board Game Cafe Frenzy, A Pleasant Journey to Neko, and recently Citie Lo just ended his Kickstarter campaign for Neko Harbour The Card Game. A Pleasant Journey to Neko has been praised by Heavy Cardboard. See the video link here.

TBD, aka Taiwan Boardgame Design, was founded in 2013. We started as a group of enthusiastic gamers and game designers who regularly playtested each others' prototypes every month. Until now, we have had 90+ monthly gatherings under the belt and brought significant growth in the boardgame design community in Taiwan.

In November 2013, we organized a dozen of game designers and small studios in Taiwan and had a joint booth in Tokyo Game Market for the first time, which kicked off TBD's long-term endeavors in bringing Taiwanese designs to an international audience. So far TBD has partnered with more than 50 groups of Taiwanese designers and showcased more than 100 titles in a variety of conventions including Tokyo Game Market, Essen Spiel, GenCon, UK Games Expo, Cannes Games Festival, and Pax Unplugged. We are thrilled to see so many gamers enjoy playing our games and appreciate the cultural differences we have brought into the boardgame community.

Upon the approaching of Essen Spiel 2019, we built this new website for our international customers. We aim to make Taiwanese games more accessible to gamers around the world and help you stay acquainted with the Asian boardgames scenes.

TBD has currently distributed titles from Taiwanese publisher such as EmperorS4 Games, SoSo Studios, Homosapiens Lab, BigFun Games, POKI Design, etc.

Founded in 2013 by a History teacher, PYTHAGORAS is a Portuguese publisher of games and educational content with themes from History and Culture.

We create games that stand out as important tools for school support, which support the development of children's cognitive skills and awaken their creative side and interest in the study of history.

We provide fun moments of quality and creativity in the family or among friends with challenging games and easy learning. We surprise with captivating, collectable illustrations and we are attentive to the print quality of the material to ensure the safety of the user. We support the dissemination and commercialization of our games through regular events and actions in schools, associations or other organizations.

Some of Pythagoras well-known games are Rossio, Garum which has been reviewed by The Dice Tower, Cafe has been played-through by Richard 'rahdo' Ham, and several small card game like Millions, Fado, etc.

Mandoo Games is a board game publishing and development expert group consisting of producers, art directors, game editors, and graphic editors. Above all, it is important to present wonderful projects that each member and partner of Mandoo Games can take pride in. Based on the teamwork and constant efforts to achieve such results, each of our members grows into a stately expert on the world stage, and we have gathered to achieve that dream to create fans all over the world waiting for the new project of Mandoo Games.

Mandoo Games' major products are distributed around the world through overseas partners such as Broadway Toys, CMON, FoxMind, BlackRock, Portal Games, Foksal, NK, Arclight, dvGiochi, and 999Games.

Mandoo Games is also releasing Korean versions of high-quality games made by overseas partners. It mainly introduces products with beautiful design, creative gameplay and strategy, and can be found through major domestic board game retailers.

Some of critically acclaimed games by Mandoo are Kushi Express, No Swap No Pay, and Merchants of Dunhuang.

Board games publisher and distributor founded in Brazil in 1987, the Devir group looked to establish roots in the imaginative universes of fiction and fantasy, offering products that involve wits, knowledge, art, and social interaction. Beyond information, culture, and fun, these products keep the strength of dreams clear and alive in all of us.

When a Chilean, an American, two Catalans, and two Portuguese guys get together, three things could happen:

  1. They’re in a joke.

  2. They work in Hollywood.

  3. They are board game editors.

Infinite coincidences have created Devir Games, an entertainment project that brings together fans of comics, role play, war games, collectible card games, heroic fantasy and science fiction novels, The Round Table, Frodo, Dracula, Spiderman, and all the unexplored worlds in our imagination.

This heterogeneous and wild group has more than 25 years of experience in the face-to-face gaming industry, where real games are played by real people. After such a long time (and never making it in Hollywood), they decided to create their own games. After a few years of only publishing in Spanish and Portuguese, they’ve taken a gamble and released them in English. Now they can be played in Seattle, the down under in Sidney, up in Liverpool and in Cape Town. And what if someone in Hollywood buys one of their games? You never know, the game could be in a movie! Now, that would be the joke.