No Swap No Pay

  • 3–5 Players

  • 20–30 Min

  • Age: 8+

  • Weight: 1.00 / 5


You are a band of pirates returning to the port of New Providence after a season of plundering. It is now time to share the treasure.

There are 4 kinds of coins in the treasure. Some of them are valuable to make you a rich while some of them make you have nothing at the end.

During the game, you are collecting coins in your bag-o-loot but on your turn, you have to offer up your bag to another player! If they decline then you get to snag a coin from their bag...

Every round, players will (1)draft 2 coins (2)challenge another pirate and (3)donate.


Without peeking, the captain draws 2 coins per player from the treasure bag, then places them in the center of the table. Each player chooses 2 coins. Then, they place these coins in their loot bag.


Starting with the captain and going clockwise, each player must challenge another player to swap their bags. The challenged player has two choices:

a. Refuse, and let the challenger take 1 coin from their loot bag at random, or

b. Accept, and swap bags with the challenger


Each player selects 1 coin from their loot bag and places it back in the treasure bag secretly in player order. The captain then passes the first player token to the player on their left, with this player becoming the captain for the next round.

The winner will be the pirate owning the most valuable loot at the end of the game.


• Gold coins: Each gold coin is worth 3 points.

• Silver coins: Each silver coin is worth 1 point — except that a group of five Silver coins is worth 15 points.

• Black coins: If a pirate's loot bag contains 1 or 2 cursed black coins, the entire bag is worth 0 points, no matter what else is in it. However, if the loot bag contains at least 3 cursed coins, then the group of black coins are worth 10 points.

• Blue coins: At the end of the game, the owners of Blue coins can decide whether they use them as Gold, Silver or Black coins.