Monster Busters

  • 4–8 Players

  • 15–20 Min

  • Age: 8+

  • Weight: 2/5

  • Designer: Zong-Hua Yang (Bob)

  • Artist: shine Lai

  • Publisher: Good Game Studio


Furious monsters are storming the kingdom. The calling for the braveness assembles a team of fearless adventurers, and you are one of them! However, some of the monsters seem to be… well, too furious to be handled properly (without killing you!). Should you fight at all costs? Or should you strategically retreat to survive a bit longer?

In Monster Busters, you and your fellow adventurers try to defeat the monsters as a team. In each round, each player must play one card from their hand to fight or retreat. If your collective attack is strong enough, you can defeat the monster and gain valuable Items and victory points. But, if the battle is lost, you will be buried with just a little sympathy (VP).

So, the adventurer’s dilemma is: Should I fight bravely for glory at the risk of dying, or cower at the right time to live longer to enjoy the even sweeter triumph at the end of the game?